The Behaviour feature is worked on a points system in VS. Schools can create categories under two headings, positive and negative. If the school did not want to incorporate a points system, set the points to 0 on each behaviour type. To access the categories,

1: Click settings.

2: Behaviour.

To add in a new behaviour type, users should click on actions, add new behaviour. A pop up box will appear.

Schools can allocate points to the action, and when a teacher adds the behaviour type to a student profile, the points will be added / subtracted from the student’s total points along with the note if one has been entered.

In Behaviour settings, schools can control the start date from when the points total should begin (So you have the option to restart the points count when you see fit). Schools can also set the starting points score to what they wish.

Users can add in as many Behaviour actions as they wish. Each behaviour type can be made editable by clicking on the pencil. To assign a behavior type to a student profile,

1: Go to a student account.

2: Click on behaviour.

3: Actions.

4: Add new behaviour.

Users can remove a behaviour type from a student account by clicking on the red bin. Actions and disciplines can be added to the behaviour type by clicking on the pencil.

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