You begin in the Settings Menu by moving to 'State CBA'

This will display the State CBAs already set up in your school. You will also see details such as the Date Range, the number of teaching groups connected with each CBA and also the number of those teaching groups which have already been submitted by teachers for synchronisation with PPOD.  In the screenshot above, you will notice that 1/5 is displaying in the Submitted column.  This means that 1 out of the 5 teaching groups connected with this CBA already have results entered.

When you select Create CBA, you are taken to the screen below where the four mandatory fields must be completed before you click on the Next button

Here we want to setup a CBA 2 for Year 3 students.

When Next is pressed, the system searches for Business Studies teaching groups for Year 3 students.

You can see that the search has found three Business Studies teaching groups. You must select these individually using the corresponding tick-boxes or you can also use the 'select all 'tick-box'.

When you click the Create button, the system will return to the main screen of the CBA Management and you will see that the Business Studies CBA 2 has been created.

The default display order is using the Beginning column but with sorting and filtering available on each of the columns, you can change the display order to suit your requirements. 

If you click on the Edit Pencil for any of the individual CBAs you will see the full detail of the CBA setup and you can change the Date Range if required. Below is the screen that shows when you click on the edit pencil for English CBA 2.

The screenshot above shows that teacher Ciara Walsh has already submitted her assessment data. The other four teachers have yet to submit their data.

 Unlocking the CBA Data Entry Screen

If a teacher inadvertently submits their assessment data and then needs to modify an entry for whatever reason, they will need to contact school management. When the teacher presses the Submit button, they will get a warning message as follows:

Our Subject Learning and Assessment Review (SLAR) meeting has taken place and I now wish to submit these entries. After submitting, any further changes will require the intervention of school management. Do you wish to proceed? Yes or No

Pressing No will cancel the message and return the user to the data entry screen.

Pressing Yes will lock and close the data entry screen and the teacher will be returned to the teaching group screen again but now, the CBA 2 button that they used to enter the data entry screen will have been removed.

If the submit button had been pressed prematurely or an assessment had to be modified for whatever reason, the teacher must inform the school management who will be able to unlock the data entry screen again and this will allow the teacher to adjust the required assessments entries and re-submit.

To unlock the data entry screen for any teacher, you need to search for the teacher.

When viewing the teacher's profile, click on State CBA on the bottom left hand pane of the screen.

This screen will allow you to see the CBAs submitted by this teacher.

Using the two Icons as in the screenshot below, the manager can:

  • View the assessment data entered by this teacher
  • Unlock the CBA Entry Screen for this Teacher if they need to modify an entry. This will restore the CBA button on the teacher's teaching group screen, allowing them to re-enter the data entry screen. When complete, the teacher must press the Submit button again.

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