The teacher logs on in the normal manner.

The teacher can select the teaching group that they wish to enter the assessments for in any of three different ways.

Using their 'Timetable' and clicking on the precise group name

Using their 'My Classes' Widget (if they are teaching this group on this day)

From their 'Class & Groups' in their Profile.

Clicking on any of these will get you to the Teaching Group detail of 3Eng-5.5 and if the current date is a date within the date range of that subject's CBA, then a CBA button will appear on the Top Right of that screen as in the screenshot below.

When the teacher clicks on the CBA 2 Button, they will find the CBA entry screen for that class.

There is a free text box (spell checker included) for Teacher Feedback on Learning.  The other fields use drop down lists with fixed entry options.

The Overall Grading field is the only field which will be synchronised with PPOD.  This field is also a mandatory field. If there is no entry in this field, the teacher will not be allowed to use the Submit button. This button will be disabled until all of the students have a data entry in the Overall Grading field box.

The other fields are to record information in addition to the Overall Grading which can later be used in the reporting process.

As indicated on the bottom of the CBA data entry screen, data is automatically saved when entered by the user.

Teachers can leave and return to this data entry screen as required.  When they have all of their data entered and are sure that they are now satisfied that this data is correct and finalised, they will press the Submit button.  After pressing the Submit button, the teacher will see a popup message as follows: 

  Our Subject Learning and Assessment Review (SLAR) meeting has taken place and I now wish to submit these entries. After submitting, any further changes will require the intervention of school management. Do you wish to proceed? Yes or No

Pressing No will cancel the message and return the user to the data entry screen.

Pressing Yes will lock and close the data entry screen and the teacher will be returned to the teaching group screen again but now, the CBA 2 button will have been removed.
If the submit button had been pressed prematurely or an assessment had to be modified for whatever reason, the teacher must inform the school management who will be able to unlock the data entry screen again and this will allow the teacher to adjust the required assessments entries and to re-submit.

The school management have access to the CBA Management Screens and will be able to identify if teaching groups have been submitted or not submitted. Management can also view the CBA data entered by teachers.


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