A: Marking attendance for today's teaching groups 

From the home page, you will be able to tap on any of your classes to mark attendance. 

  • If all students are present, simply tap on the class and select 'Submit Attendance'.
  • You will be presented with a pop up message which asks 'You still have students with unmarked attendance. Would you like to mark them all as present?' Select 'Yes' here to mark all as present.
  • You can also tap on the attendance button for an individual student to view the attendance codes and select one from the list.

Marking attendance for a teaching group on a previous day

This feature can be used if you've forgotten or missed a roll call for a past class.

  • Tap on the calendar button on the bottom of the screen
  • Under the calendar, the classes that are on the selected day will appear
  • Tap a past date and select the teaching group that is overdue
  • Mark attendance for that teaching group

Attendance overview 

  • On a student's profile you can view their attendance overview by tapping on their name (from either the attendance screen or from the Students list) . 
  • Tap the 'Attendance' tab to see a breakdown of the number of days the student has been present, absent or partially absent.

Please click here for the fill guide on the app. 

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