What do we mean when we say browser?

A browser is a program on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone which is used to look up webpages, such as VSWare, on the internet. Popular browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer.

We would always recommend that you use Google Chrome with VSWare.

Clearing the Cache

A cache issue is usually something along the lines of:

  • A substitution class not showing up on a covering teacher’s dashboard
  • Attendance has been altered for a student but the change is not appearing on your own/other devices
  • Class lists not appearing correctly after they have been altered

One of our most common queries relate to what we would refer to as “caching issues.” This basically means that a problem can only be resolved by evicting your browser cache. 

‘Caching’ is something that all browsers do. It basically means that they store data in an effort to speed up your browsing going forward.

A complication of this is that sometimes the browser will display some of the old data that it has stored, presenting issues.

When this occurs we will always advise that the first thing that you do is to clear your cache. 

The browser that we recommend to use with VSWare is Google Chrome.

To clear the cache in Chrome: 

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE at the same time. 
  • On the screen that appears select Advanced
  • Set time to all time
  • Tick the top four boxes
  • Click clear browsing history
  • Ensure all browser windows are closed, otherwise the changes will not take
  • Re-open the browser and sign back in to VSWare
  • Do this every week or two

I have changed a student’s first name in PPOD but it is not changing in VSWare. Why?

You can change the first name that is displayed in VSWare by going to the student’s profile and clicking on the edit pencil beside the Name field.

You then edit the name in the Pref First name field before saving. The updated name will now display in VSWare.

Why can’t I or another staff member log in?

The most common explanation is that login details are being entered incorrectly. We will never reset a user’s login details.

If a user does require a password reset this will have to be done by an admin within the school.

  • Go to user’s profile
  • Click Account > Actions > Change Password
  • Enter and Re Enter the new Password before saving
  • You should also check that the Grant access to VSware.ie box is ticked

A parent has been in touch to say that they can’t log in.

The first thing to do on this occasion is to double check that the correct details are being entered. All passwords are case sensitive.

If you need to manually change a parental login you can do so by going to the student’s page and then the Household tab. Click on Edit beside the contact and then input the new details in the boxes highlighted below.

Please note that all passwords must be at least 8 characters long and have at least one upper case, one lower case and one number. Usernames cannot have full stops, commas, fadas or apostrophes.

Exam Print Template not Working

Firstly it is vitally important that an exam template is only edited using Microsoft Word, other editors such as OpenOffice will throw it off.

As well as this, if you wish to use a new template format you must edit and already existing, working template, you cannot create one from scratch.

Sometimes when printing off an exam print template you may find that all of the pages are coming up blank when printing for a class or year group. This happens because one or more of the students have had an illegal character (such as an emoji!) entered in the comments section of their result.

On other occasions the page will not be blank but the information you require will not be pulled in, it will instead only show a variable such as Result.Grade.

To fix this the first thing to do is to go back to your template and delete the variables completely before re-typing and saving.

You then need to re-upload your template and try again.

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