A saved search automatically updates itself with new students/teachers based on the search criteria. E.g. if you save a search for all 1st year pupils as a group, the next time a new student enters the school they will automatically be added to the group without having to repeat the search.

Follow the steps below to get started.

Click Advanced Search.

Search for a group of students using the available search filters.

To save a search as a group select the 'Save Search' option in the right corner of a search results screen. Then a pop up box will appear for you to enter the name of your new group. E.g. 'TY'. Click Save.

Your new group should then appear on the dynamic group list E.g. TY.

Here you can send a SMS for this group only by clicking the mobile icon. See SMS & Email section for more information on doing this.

You can also do a Bulk Attendance for the specific group by clicking the Attendance icon.

See the Attendance section for more information on how to do this. Also you can delete a group at any time by selecting the trash can icon.

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