To setup login credentials for a teacher you must go to their profile and click on the Account tab to the left.

After inputting a username, click Actions on the top right and then Change password.

After inputting a username you must generate a temporary password for the teacher's account.

Under the teacher's username, a grey password box will appear. To the right of this, there will be a button 'Generate Password'. 

You must press this button to generate a temporary password. A temporary password will appear in the grey password box, appearing as a number of black dots. 

The password can be accessed by pressing on the eye icon beside the grey password field. This will reveal the temporary password if needed.

Once a teacher has a temporary password they can now set up a permanent password to be used long-term on their account.

This password must be:

Minimum 8 characters,
Minimum one uppercase letter,
Minimum one lowercase letter,
Minimum one number.

You must also ensure that the Grant access to box is ticked or the login will not work.

At this point you can choose to give the user access to Intercom which is an instant messaging service that connects the user directly with the VSware support team. 

When finished press Save to finalise the login creation.

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