"If I publish the timetable will all staff be able to view it? I may need to make a few changes to it between now and school opening day"

The answer to this question is that no staff will be able to view it if you decide not to allow them to view it.  You can decide on this. After a timetable is published, you will still remain in the current (2016-17) academic year. When moving to the 2017-18 academic year, you will have a choice to move as or 'All Users' or 'Just Me'.

Please note that even after publication, you are still in the current academic year.  In order to view the published timetable in VSware, we will need to switch to the next academic year (2017-18 in this case).  To do this we move to the Setting > Timings > Academic Year screen and then click on the Gear Icon and in the screenshot below.

This will display a dialog box which allow you to move to the different academic year as 'All Users' or Just Me'

As the names suggest, clicking on 'Just Me' will allow only you to move to the 2017-18 year and this will be just for this session. If you log out and then back in again you will be moved back to 2016-17 academic year.  This will allow you to examine the published timetable.

Clicking 'All Users' will move any subsequent login from any user to the 2017-18 academic year.  This would allow all users to view their new timetable.  You only change the academic year using 'All Users' when you are confident that your timetable is finalised.

Please Note: When you move to the next academic year either as 'Just Me' or as 'All Users', you will need to go to the Setting > Timings > Calendar in order to set up the school year. Please read our articles Add Day Type and Assign Day Type to Calendar to learn more about these. Until this is complete, the timetables can not be viewed as they are calendar based.

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