Setting up an Exam

Configure New Exam (read time 1 minute)

Configure New Exam

Step 1

  1. Year– Select the year group the exam applies to.
  2. Exam Name – Enter a meaningful title.
  3. Start Date – Date teachers can start entering results and comments.
  4. End Date – Closing date for entering exam result and comments.
  5. Max Teacher Comment Length – No. of characters for teacher comment.
  6. Max Form Tutor Comment Length – No. of characters for Form Tutor comment.
  7. Other Teachers Can Edit – Setting to allow other teachers to edit comments.
  8. Teacher Comments Are Private – If Yes, only the comment creator can view comment.
  9. Comment Type To Use – Select either comment bank, freeform,both, or none.
  10. Comment Bank Type - Select which commnet bank to use. (These are configured under Settings > Exam Comment Bank).
  11. Publish to parents - Allows parents to access results for this exam on their VSware accounts.
  12. Parental Print Template - Give parents the option to download their student's results in the form of an official School Term Report.
  13. Capture Housemaster Comment – Applicable for boarding schools.
  14. Capture Year Head Comment – If selected, the year head can leave an overall comment for each student. 
  15. Capture Principal Comment – If selected, the principal can leave an overall           comment for each student.  
  16. Capture Target Grade – Enables teachers to capture the student’s target grade.
  17. Capture Extra Field 'Field Name' - This is a custom field that will appear on the term reports. The Field Name is what the teacher will see as the heading when entering results.
  18. Extra Field 'Type' - Choose from: Text, Comment Bank (Configured under Settings > Exam Comment Bank), Select (From a list of words separated by a comma as in screenshot), or Grade Set (As Configured in Settings > Grate Sets)
  19. Extra Field 'Value' – Enter the comments or select a dropdown option.
  20. Add Field– Use this to create more Extra Fields.