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Mark attendance as a teacher (read time 1 minute)

Marking attendance as a teacher via the app or web browser

Attendance via the app

Attendance via the web browser

Getting to the Mark Attendance screen 

  • There are a number of ways to reach the mark attendance screen via your teacher account.
  • The quickest way is via the My Classes widget which can be found on your dashboard/home screen. It will show if you have any over due classes in orange as shown below. 
  • Click into the Take attendance button (the little red calendar) to reach the attendance screen.


You can also reach the attendance screen by accessing a particular teaching group. You can do this by:
  1. Searching the teaching group name in the search bar for (example 1EngA) > actions > mark attendance. 
  2. Accessing the teaching group via your teacher profile. Go into the Timetable or Classes & Subjects buttons > click on the teaching group > actions > mark attendance.

Marking attendance


  • Click on the attendance codes along the top of the screen > apply them to the relevant students > click save. The present mark is the green tick. 
  • Note that any student that is left blank, will be automatically marked as present if you click save. 
  • If one or two students are absent or late etc., and the rest are present it is quicker to first click the absent code relevant to the absent students > apply that to those students > then click save. Any student with a blank mark will have the present code applied to them automatically. 


  • You also have the option toward the top right of the screen to enter notes against your students, if you wish to record anything on their record for that class.