Office365 - How to Provision Accounts/Groups (read time less than 1 minute)

How to create accounts and groups in Office365

If you wish to provision new accounts or update existing accounts you must go to Settings > Provisioning.



Tick the group(s) that the student(s) is/are in and then press Sync Accounts. This will create new accounts for those in the selected classes or groups without them and provide relevant updates to anyone who already has an account.

Sync group membership will create any group in the system that doesn't already exist as well as update and populate groups that do.

Finally Sync all staff will create or update accounts for all staff members.

One important note to make is that when a sync is done it will update the Office365 password to whatever it is in VSware, therefore we always recommend that users do not amend their passwords in Office as there is a danger that they will be locked out due to their password being amended.