Print Term Reports for a Year Group (read time 1 minute)

To print a Term Report for a Year Group first click the "Groups" tab then scroll down to the "Saved Search" section.

Next click on "View List" on your desired year

On the student list screen click the "Actions" button and click "Print Template"

On the "Print Options" screen, select "Term Report" in the "I want to generate a" dropdown list.

Select your exam from the "Choose an Exam" dropdown list and select your template from the "Choose A Template" dropdown list.

If you require a report to be sent to a second address, tick the "Also print second household address" box.

When done click "Generate".

Your Term Reports will now download to a "Word" document. This allows you to make any additional formatting changes to your report before printing.

When you are happy with your Term Report simply print it from Word