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Q: How to enter Leaving Cert Results (read time less than 2 minutes)

A: Before entering results, you must create a new exam in VSware in the same way that summer or Christmas exams are created.

Step 1. Create the exam

Click 'Settings

  • Then 'Exams' on the left menu
  • Select the year you are entering the results for
  • Click 'Actions' and 'New Exam' 
  • In the Edit Exam box, enter 6th year (LC) in the year box
  • Enter the name, e.g. Leaving Certificate 2019
  • Enter the start and end date (this relates to how long the exam is open for results entry)
  • Enter other information as required. (Most of these aren't relevant as you will be just entering in the exam result with no comments)
  • Click 'Save'

Step 2. Enter the results

  • Go to the 'Classes' tab and scroll to the 6th year classes
  • Select  'View List
  • Select the first student on the list 
  • Select the 'Term Reports' tab on the left menu
  • Click 'Actions' and 'Results Entry'
  • Select your Leaving Certificate 2019 exam that you've created from the dropdown
  • Enter the result in grade format, i.e. H1, H2, etc.
  • Finally, in the ‘Level’ column, set the study level to Higher, Ordinary, Foundation or N/A if these are not already set
  • Once the student's exam results are entered, select 'Save
  • To move to the next student on this list, select the arrow under their profile picture to toggle between students 
  • Repeat the above steps

*If you want to enter results for subjects that were taken outside of school, click on this link for a more in depth guide.