Room Pools (read time 1 minute)

Schools can now pool rooms together for the purposes of timetabling. This allows for greater flexibility to the school when constructing a timetable in timetable construction. To add in a pool,

1: Settings.

2: Enums.

To add in a new pool, click on the edit pencil. Schools can then assign rooms to a particular pool for example,

Science Labs: Lab 1 , Lab 2.

This removes the restriction of assigning one lab to a teacher and instead gives the solver a choice of the same room types. If the school has different buildings or campus, they can add in a site by clicking on the edit pencil and assign pools to the site.

The school can assign the room to a site or pool which will have been created using the steps above.

See the timetable section for more information on Room pools in timetabling.