Publishing the Timetable

Viewing the Timetable after publishing - Who can view it? You decide. (read time 2 minutes)

"I may need to make a few changes to the timetable between now and the school opening day. If I publish the timetable will all staff be able to view it?"

The answer to this is no, not if you don't want them to view it - you decide on this.

How does it work?

First, remember that when publishing a timetable, you must be in the current academic year and publishing does not automatically change the academic year forward for you. 

When you are finished with your timetable, you must move into the next academic year in order to view it in VSware. When changing years, you will have a choice to move forward as 'All Users' or 'Just Me'. This is explained further below.

To view the timetable privately before making it public to other users, select 'Just Me'. Only you will see the new timetable, even if other users are logged in at the same time. This is a very helpful feature because it allows you to make changes until the timetable is just right without others viewing it. 

It is not until you have a) published your timetable from the current year into the next year, and then b) moved forward a year using 'All Users' that the new timetable becomes visible to all staff and students. So it follows that you should only ever use the 'All Users' button when you are confident that your timetable is complete.

Note: the 'Just Me' setting is temporary. If you have moved forward a year using 'Just Me', logging out and then back in again will move you back to the current year.

How move to the next academic year?

To do this click Settings > Timings > Academic Year > click on the Gear icon as in the screenshot below.

This will display a dialog box which allow you to move to the different academic year as 'All Users' or Just Me'


When you move to the next academic year either as 'Just Me' or as 'All Users', you will need to go to Setting > Timings > Calendar in order to set up the school year. If there is no school year set, the system is not able to differentiate days of the week so the timetable will be blank. Please read our articles Add Day Type and Assign Day Type to Calendar to learn more about these.