Teachers & Timetabling

How do I add or remove a teacher listed in the Timetable Construction file? (read time 1 minutes)

We can no longer add or remove a teacher in Timetable Construction. Teachers can only be added or removed in the live VSware.

We use 'Add New Teacher' from the main menu as in the screenshot below

When you click on 'Add New Teacher' you get a popup which should be completed.

It is very important that a Unique Display code is given to the newly added teacher.

When logged on in the role of Secretary or Principal the Personal Profile of any teacher can be edited (you will see the edit pencil as you hover over the screen)

The Edit View of this screen will look slightly different as in the screenshot below

When the tick box 'Has Left School' is set to 'No' and the 'Include in Timetabling' tick box is set to 'Yes' the teacher will appear in Timetable Construction Screens.

If you wish to remove a teacher from appearing in the Timetable Construction Screens you should take note of the following different scenarios:

  • If the person to be removed from Timetable Construction is not required in the current live data, then the ‘Marked As Left’ box should be ticked in their Personal Profile. (These could be teachers who have retired or substitute teachers from the past)
  • If these persons are required in the live data but are not part of the Substitution/On Call scheme in the school, the ‘Include in Timetable box’ should be un-ticked (These could be Secretary, Caretaker etc who need to login to VSware but are not to be included for timetabling.
  • If these persons are part of the Substitution/On Call scheme in the live data, no change should be made. They can remain for now in TTC and by not assigning them to any classes in TTC they will not be any cause for concern.

Note: - I refer to Person(s) as the users might not necessarily be teachers.