Timetable Construction

Step 4) Teacher Sets (read time 2 minutes)

This allows you to associate teachers with subjects and also helps if you are assigning teachers to classes either manually or automatically. If a teacher has been assigned to a teaching group and they are not included in the teacher sets for that subject, a warning will appear at the top of each screen in Timetable Construction.

If you are adding teachers manually, the list of the teachers for the subject of that lesson will appear at the top of the list and the “Other” teachers below. The ‘Auto Assign’ feature on the TEACHER screen will only assign teachers that it finds the Teacher Sets screen allowing you to decide the pool of teachers that it can choose from. The explanations in the screen shot below will explain how you can add/remove individual teacher and subjects to/from this screen.

You can reduce any teacher’s chance of being assigned to a class by clicking on their name and you can then view the Teacher Priority popup. You can then prioritise some teachers over other teachers. Otherwise, when teachers are added to the subject in the Teacher Sets screen, they will appear in alphabetical order.

In the filter dropdown list box, Junior Cert adds to years 1,2 & 3 and Leaving Cert adds years 5 & 6

When you change the priority of any teacher, their cell colour on screen will change accordingly.