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Add a new secretary or principal (read time 1 minute)

To add a new secretary or principal, you must first set them up as a teacher and then change them to a secretary using the Users and Groups feature. 

  • Go to the 'three bar' menu
  • Choose 'Add New Teacher'
  • A pop up box will appear for you to enter a first name, last name and a display code
  • Once you click save you will be brought to the user's new profile
  • Next, set up login details for the new user, please visit this guide first
  • Once the login details are created, you must change the user to a secretary or principal. Go to 'Settings' > 'Users & Groups' > 'Users' > drag and drop the new user into the secretary or principal category.

    ***Note: Only Principal users can set people into Principal or Secretary category in the Users and Groups section. Secretaries can set all other users.
  • For the full guide on users and groups, visit this page