Rooms & Seating Plans

Creating a seating plan

How to create a seating plan for your students. This article is intended for Teachers. (Reading time: 1 minute)

Last updated: 27/07/2022


Click on My Profile > Timetable > Select a class that you would like to arrange a seating plan for. 


When viewing the teaching group of students, click Actions button > select Seating Plan.

Each student in the teaching group will be listed in their own separate ‘tag’ or box. Click and drag a student to move them to a different position in the classroom. Generally, the top row of students is considered the front of the classroom. If you need to add a column to a row, select a student and drag them to the end of a row. A new column will appear which is denoted by dotted lines like in the example below.

On each students tag there is three numbers below their name. The first number represents the last grade they received in your class. The second number is the positive behaviour you have given the student for your class and the final number is negative behaviour you assigned the student in your class. 


In the example below, student Killian Burke received 42 in his last exam for this subject. He also received no positive behaviour marks in your class but was given -3 behaviour points by you for talking in class.  We can also see from the colour of his tag that he has been marked present for this class. Student Caoimhe O’Hara on the other hand has been marked absent for this class.

These statistics may help you decide on the layout of your seating plan.

You also have the option to take class attendance on this screen. Simply select the attendance mark from the options listed at the top of the page then click on the top of a students tag. The tag will go green or red depending what attendance mark you have given them.

After you have finished laying out the seating plan or taking attendance, click the save button to the top left of the page.


The teaching group seating arrangement will be saved for the next time you teach this teaching group. Keep in mind that while you may create a seating plan for 1A Irish, this will not save for all 1A Irish classes as each class may be in a different room with a different layout. 


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