Marking AM/PM attendance for a class group

Marking AM/PM attendance for a class group such as a base class. This article is intended for teachers. (Read time: 2 minutes)

Last updated: 27/07/2022


Instead of marking attendance for an individual period or lesson on the timetable, you may want to mark attendance for the AM or PM for a class group (1A, 5B etc.)


Via the web browser (Google Chrome)



Click the red 'Classes' tab > then the attendance icon beside the class group you wish to take attendance for.

Configure the filters to adjust how many days are displayed, and which group of students.

Select the appropriate attendance codes and click each cell to apply that code.

Tip: If all students are present, click green present code and then click the column header to apply the code to all students for that session > Click 'Save'.


On the top right of the screen you can also enter notes against your students for this class.

Via the iOS or Android mobile app


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