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Mimic a parent account

How to access a parent's account as a school admin

Principals and secretaries can now mimic/log into a parent's account without needing to know their log in details. This is useful for school staff who need to support parents/guardians in their use of VSware. When the staff member is mimicking the account, they are seeing the account exactly as the parent would.


To do this, search for the student > select 'Household' > select the edit pencil beside the parent's name > select 'Read Only Mimic User'. You will then be logged into the parent's account and can access all the screens. 

You will not be able to make any changes to the data as you have a read only view. 

In order to get back to your own account, simply log out  (Click the 4 Boxes at the top right of the page>Log out) and then log back in.  

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