Publishing the Timetable

Print and Export Timetable

How to print and export a timetable. This article is intended for admin. (Read time: 1 minute).

Last updated: 23/06/2022

Customise the timetable print settings to fit your needs while having the option to export to a PDF.

Print and Export Timetable

Step 1

Select Three Lines Tab > Current Timetable > Print Timetable.

Step 2

Here you will see a variety of options that allow you to customise the timetable view. 

Step 3

Once your variables have been chosen, click 'view' to generate a preview. You can Export to PDF or Print.


In Google Chrome, if the timetable is cropped or doesn't quite fit you can scale it down by clicking ‘Print’ in VSware, then click ‘More Settings’. You can then reduce the percentage under 'Scale', click 'Print' again:


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