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Search for a student

How to search for a student. This article is intended for teachers. (Read time: less than 30 seconds)

Last updated: 03/10/2022


Teachers can view their own students by using the search function. If you have the relevant permissions, you may be also able to search for student's that you do not teach. 

Via the iOS or Android mobile app (NEW FEATURES)

NEW FEATURE: The search function on the Teacher App has been improved and now allows you to view information on your student's Attendance, Assessment, Behaviour, Timetable and Personal Info. 

Step 1

Tap 'More' on the bottom right of your App. Search the name of the relevant student. Then tap on an area to explore.





Please note that this is a read only view so you cannot make any changes to the information via these screens except for the behaviour tab where you have the option to tap the blue plus to add a behaviour for that particular student.

It is not possible to add or edit assessment results via the App (you must do this on a desktop/browser). More info can be found here


Via the web browser (Google Chrome)

Step 1

Type the student’s name in the white search box at the top of VSware.

You can click the student’s name in the dropdown list once you see it appear.

Search for a student as a teacher


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