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Timetable - Teacher Team Clashes (Teacher Statistics)

How to compare blocks and avoid teacher clashes. This article is intended for Admin. (Read time: 2 minutes)

Last updated: 22/07/2022


We know that if any two teaching groups share a teacher, then these teaching groups can never be scheduled for any of the same periods.  It follows then that the blocks containing these teaching groups can never be scheduled for the same periods (be cause blocks by design contain lessons that run concurrently). It can sometimes be helpful for us to examine and compare the teams of teachers teaching in the blocks between any two years.

Step 1

Go to Timetable Construction, Step 5, Class Data > Actions > Teachers Team Clashes >


This will open a pop-up box allowing you to compare the teams of teachers between any two years.

  • Green Man means a single teacher overlap
  • Brown Man means a two teacher overlap
  • Red Man means more than a two teacher clash
  • X means the spreads of the blocks are different

Hovering over any of the Block titles will display the teachers, Base Classes, Room, Room Pools in that Block.


Hovering on the intersection between any two blocks will display the teacher(s) overlapping between these two blocks.

In the screenshot below, you will see that teacher AGOR is teaching 6Bio-6.3 and also 5Mat-7.5 - This would prevent lessons from Block 3 of year 5 from being scheduled for any of the same periods as the lessons of Block 6 in year 6.


In this example, there are other combinations of blocks that will schedule with these two blocks but if scheduling was proving difficult, it might be worth investigating if replacing teacher AGOR for 5Mat-7.5 with another teacher would help as these two blocks could then be scheduled at the same periods as they would not longer be sharing any teacher.

You can compare any two years of your curriculum by filtering the years as in the screenshot below.


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