Rooming and Room Pools

Rooms - When to room your timetable

What steps to take before and after scheduling/generating your timetable with regards to rooms. This article is intended for Admin. (Read time: 1 minute)

Last updated: 20/07/2022


Rooming is a very important aspect of timetabling. The order in which you carry out the steps when rooming your timetable is also important. 


Tip: When working on rooms, always clone the completed timetable and then use the clone to ensure that you will always have a back up file.

Step 1 - Pre-scheduling

Only enter the rooms or room pools that are absolutely required for subjects in Timetable Construction - Step 5, Class Data. This means the solver will not timetable two teachers at the same time who require the same room.

Step 2 - Post-scheduling

Next, generate the timetable. The timetable is now completed but the rooms have not been distributed just yet. All that has happened is that the scheduling process took the rooms and room pools into account to avoid room clashes later

Step 3 - Post-Scheduling

Under the Actions button of the Construction Screen, click 'Auto Assign Rooms' This will distribute the rooms to the already scheduled lessons and it will distribute the rooms in this order:

  • Rooms and also Rooms from Room Pools that had been entered in the Teaching Groups under Class Data
  • It will read any Home Room that was entered in the Teacher Data Screen. Otherwise the lesson will get any room that is not part of a room pool.

Caution: Under no circumstances should the timetable be generated again during the rooming process. This is a separate process completely.


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