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Unlocking a user's account

If an account becomes locked because the user exceeds the amount of login attempts, their account will remain locked until after midnight when they will be able to try again or until admin reinstates the access (Whichever comes first). When an account is locked because user exceeded amount of Resetting password attempts, then the account is locked until midnight. Admin and VSware support staff is unable to expedite the process. The user must wait until midnight.

How do I know if the account is actually locked?

The user will see a message on the login screen informing them they are locked out. The admin can check whether the user is locked out under the user's 'Account' page. The 'Access to VSware' field will be set to 'No'. 

How many times can a user attempt to login before getting blocked?

The school decides. This is set in 'System Settings' under 'Disable account after N failed logon attempts'.

Unlocking a parent or student account 

  1. If a parent has tried to log in and is locked out due to "Too many unsuccessful log in attempts," admin can reset this by searching the student's name>Household>selecting the edit pencil next to the parent's contact details> tick the box that got unticked>Save. This will allow them to retry their same information.
  2. When a parent attempts and fails at RESETTING their password a number of times, the parent/student account will remain locked until after midnight. There is no way for the school, or VSware support to manually unlock the account when they failed to reset their password.

Unlocking a staff account 

Locked staff accounts (principal, secretary, teacher etc.) will also remain locked until after midnight by default unless the admin staff in the school unlocks it for them. It can be unlocked with the following steps: 

  • Go to Settings 
  • System Settings 
  • Change 'Enable account lockout for staff and students' from Yes to No 
  • Save
  • Then change it back to Yes straight away
  • Save
  • Log out and back in again
  • Go to Settings 
  • Users & Groups
  • Users tab
  • Move the locked user back into their relevant user group
  • Ask them to try again and ensure they have the correct username and mobile number