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Experimenting with Option Blocks - Video (5 mins)

In this article we experiment with the option blocks generated. We keep clones of our existing solutions while we experiment by pinning subject to blocks.

When Option Blocks are generated, we might sometimes wish to experiment further without losing our existing solutions.

We sometimes need to make sure that some teaching groups are in the same block (streaming) and sometimes we might wish to keep teaching groups in different blocks because they are taught be the same teacher.  We sometimes need to keep some subject away from the same block because we might only have one teacher who teaches these two subjects - (Biology & Ag Science for example).  We 'Pin" teaching groups in blocks to make these things happen.

At first, no blocks will show on the screen and you must press generate to begin the process.  Then when the blocks are created, we can simply click on any teaching group to add a pin or we can click on a teaching group and drag it to another block and it will be pinned there.

These action are all demonstrated in the video below.  This video will also show you how to clone solutions to ensure that your original solution will not be changes during the experimentation process.