Class List Manager

Moving students from class to class (read time 2 minutes)

How to use Class List Manager

How to populate your base classes using Class List Manager

To access the Class List Manager

1: click on the more tab and click

2: Current Timetable.

On the Timetable screen do the following

  • Step 1: Click “Class List Manager”.
  • Step 2: Select the Year you would like to populate.
  • Step 3: Select “Class Groups”.

Next click and hold on a student from the unassigned column and drag the student into their base class.

To select multiple students at once just click on each student you require then click and drag the group to their base class. Students will turn orange once selected.

You can also randomly populate base classes in one click by clicking “Actions” and “Populate”. If you require an even amount of boys and girls in each class click “Populate by Gender”.

Once completed move onto the next year.

How to assign students to Option Blocks

To assign students to their option blocks you need to go back to “Class List Manager”

  • Step 1. Click Class List Manager.
  • Step 2. Select the year you wish to work on
  • Step 3. In the dropdown box click the option block you wish to populate.
  • Step 4. Click and hold on the required student

 **Tip. You can click multiple students at once**

  • Step 5. Drag the selected student into their option block.