Parent App - Student Options

Entering student subject options online

Please note that the Parent App is currently in pilot phase and will be available to all schools at the start of the 2020/2021 academic year.

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Student Options

This feature allows you to submit next year’s subject preferences directly to the school.

The school will open the the Student Options feature at certain times of the year when subject option choices are being decided on. If this feature is not available to you, it is either not the correct time to enter the options, or the school has decided not to collect the options via online parent accounts.


To get to Student Options page, select your child's name from the parent dashboard or from the 'Your Children' dropdown and then click 'learn more' under Student Options.

Entering you're child's options is straightforward.

  • For each subject choice, select a subject from the dropdown boxes in order of the highest priority if preference. 
  • Hit Confirm and the choices will be saved and sent to the school.

Changing your choices

  • If your child changes their mind directly after submitting options, they can amend their choice up until the closing date by clicking I've changed my mind! 

  • You can also come back to the main student options screen later and update the preferences, provided that this is done before the due date. Simply amend the list and hit Confirm again.