Rooming and Room Pools

Setting up base rooms for classes

Setting up base rooms for classes as opposed to teachers

In some cases, you may want to set up base rooms for classes as opposed to setting them up for teachers. There are a couple of options for workarounds here, but keep in mind that each has certain drawbacks depending on your school's requirements and the setup of your file. 


First option:

  • Generate your timetable first 
  • Assign all rooms 
  • Go to step 8 'View
  • Select 'Base'
  • You will then see a base class timetable with no rooms attached and you can begin to manually set them up 

Please note that it will likely be difficult to manually assign rooms here if your school has very specific requirements or you have two classes that need the same room scheduled at the same time, but this option might work for some. 


Second option:

  • Before you generate your file, go to screen 5 
  • Click on the edit pencil beside each teaching group and assign the base class here

Please note that this method might mean that you may not get every room you want. This method can be restrictive when you come to step 7, construction because a lot of your rooms will have already been predetermined in this step 5.