Attendance Reports

SMS Unexplained Absent Students (read time 1 minute)

To SMS all student who have an unexplained absence recorded against them on the current day, simply click the SMS Button on the AM/PM Attendance widget on your Dashboard

This will display a virtual phone as shown below. From here you can type the body of the message to your liking or select a template from the dropdown menu at the top.

(These templates can be set up under your notifications tab)

The 'Variable' under the body of the text allow you to automatically personalise the message with student names and user passwords.

#F = Student First Name
#L = Student Last Name
#U = Parent Username
#P = Parent Password

For Example, if the above message was being sent to 'Caoilan O'Doherty', The message would read as follows:

Caoilan is absent from school today.