Timetable Construction

Step 2) Grid (read time 1 minute)

This will display the existing timetable grid and presents you with an opportunity to edit it according to your needs. Any cell on the grid can be setup to allow it to receive a lesson given by the automatic scheduler. Clicking on any white cell and it will change to grey. The graphic will change from the ‘academic hat’ to the ‘Knife & fork’ graphic. Lesson will not be placed on the grey cells by the automatic scheduler but lessons could be placed manually (using make editable in the teacher’s timetable) after the timetable is completed. The total number of lessons at the bottom will change accordingly.

(If pastoral care is to be timetabled as part of your grid, you could add these to your grid. These are usually 5-10 min slots on the grid. The pastoral care lessons should then be manually placed on the grid prior to construction in order to prevent ‘normal’ lessons from taking these specialised slots.)