Rotations in Timetabling

What are Rotations? (read time 1 minute)

Rotations in a school timetable is a setup within an ordinary timetable block which allows learners to move through the other subjects within that block. It is mainly applied in Year 1 and Year 4 (Transition Year). Some schools use ‘rotations’ to allow learners to sample various subjects either throughout the entire year or for some shorter portion of the year.

It is also used where subjects are taught on a modular basis. Learners might study a course of subject A from September to November, Subject B from November to February and Subject C from February to May.

The learners cycle through the subjects in that block throughout the year and in the above scenario, each teacher teaches three different groupings over the entire school year.

Please note: When using Timetable Construction, the block in which the rotation will take place should be setup as you wish it to be for the beginning of the school year. Setting up the rotation is carried out post-construction