General Timetabling

What does Co-Scheduling mean in VSware? (read time 2 minutes)

Co-Scheduling in VSware is when a class group from one year is linked to a class group in another year so that their lessons will take place at the same time.

This can be used by schools in a number of ways.

The first scenario is where some smaller schools require that some of the blocks in year 5 coincide with some of the blocks in year 6 as these classes are to be a combination of students from both years. In this case, we only assign a teacher to the classes of one of the years.

Another example of how this can be used effectively is where a school combines a PE class of one year with another year so that the total in attendance will allow for a meaningful PE class. LCA 1 & LCA 2 classes are sometimes quite small and it might be beneficial to all to combine these for certain subjects. This will also help to save on your teacher allocation as only one teacher is often needed for the combined groups.

We can use the Co-Schedule feature when in the Class Data Screen (step 5) of Timetable Construction. Clicking on the Edit Pencil will show the popup as in the screenshot below. The Co-Schedule with.. dropdown listbox will display the teaching group from all other years.

Please note: Co-scheduling is restrictive and should be used sparingly and only when essential. Over use of this feature is not recommended especially if the classes from both years require a teacher to be assigned.

When co-scheduling a teaching group which is part of a block you should one co-schedule ONE teaching group from the block and you should only enter the teacher into ONE of the teaching groups where co-scheduling is to occur. If this is not carried out correct, you will get a message referring to a compatibility error.