Enabling Options for Parents

Enabling parents access to Subject Preferences/Options (read time 1 minute)

How to allow parents to record preferences through their own accounts.

A school can now allow a parent to enter subject preferences for their children.

Got to the three lines > Options > select screen 3, Preferences 

Under 'Actions' you will see 'Publish to Parents'

Clicking on 'Publish to Parents' will result in this popup appearing



When this box is ticked, you will see a new popup allowing you to enter an opening date and a closing date for the entry of preferences. This popup also allows you to enter a customised message which parents will see when they login to enter preferences.


Don't forget to click save.

**PLEASE NOTE: One must ensure that contacts (parents) have access to input Options in the Permissions part of VSware as well. Go to Settings>Users and Groups> In the "Available Permissions" Column, Select "Filter by User Role" and change to Contact, In the box underneath type in Option, Drag and drop the permission "Access to Options Preference Entry for Parents" into the contact Column.

Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 12.19.01

For the parent's guide to entering their student's preferences, click here

For further info on configuring options, click here.