Variable List (read time 2 minutes)

Commonly Used Variables


Full Name = ${Full Name}

D.O.B. = ${DOB}

Address =${Address}

Subject ${Result.Subject}

Subject Study level ${Result.StudyLevel}

Grade: ${Result.Grade}

Teacher exam comment ${Result.TeacherRemark}

Teacher name ${Result.TeacherName}

${Result.ExtraField1} - ${Result.ExtraField12}

Exam Mark ${Result.Mark}

Late = ${LateCount}

Absences = ${AbsentCount}


All Variables 


Full Name = ${Full Name}

First Name = ${FirstName}

Surname = ${Surname}

Class = ${Class}

D.O.B. = ${DOB}

Nationality ${Nationality}


Irish Exemption = ${IrishExemption}

Previous School Name = ${PreviousSchoolName}

VSware ID = ${VSwareId}

Home Phone = ${HomePhone}

Other Phone = ${OtherPhone}

Mobile = ${MobilePhone}

Preferred Given Name = ${PreferredGivenName}

Previous School = ${Previous School}

Department ID = ${DepartmentId}

PPS = ${PPS}

Students Email ${StudentEmail}

Students password ${StudentPassword}


Gender = ${Gender}

Email (of student) = ${Email}

Address =${Address}

Address no county = ${AddressNoCounty}

Address Line 1 = ${AddressLine1}

Address Line 2 = ${AddressLine2}

Address line 3 = ${AddressLine3}

Address Line 4 = ${AddressLine4}

County = ${County}

Post code= ${PostCode}

Postal Title = ${Postal Title}

Parent Email = ${ParentEmail}

Exam Number = ${ExamNumber}

Date = ${Dateddmmyyyy}


Exam Specific Variables


Subject ${Result.Subject}

Grade: ${Result.Grade}

Subject Study level ${Result.StudyLevel}

Teacher exam comment ${Result.TeacherRemark}

Teacher name ${Result.TeacherName}

CAO Points: ${Exam.NewCAOPoints}

Custom Exam Field 1 = ${Result.ExtraField1}

Custom Exam Field 2 = ${Result.ExtraField2}

Custom Exam Field 3 = ${Result.ExtraField3}

Custom Exam Field 4 = ${Result.ExtraField4}

Profile Pic = ${ProfilePhoto}

Tutor = ${Tutor}

Form tutor Comment = ${Exam.FormTutorComment}

Principal = ${Principal}

Principal Comment = ${Exam.PrincipalComment}

Year Head = ${YearHead}

Year Head Comment = ${Exam.YearHeadComment}

Year = ${Year}

Late = ${LateCount}

Absences = ${AbsentCount}

Exam Name = ${ExamName}

Target Grade/Mark = ${Result.TargetMark}


Parental Variables


Mother’s name ${Mother} or ${MothersName}

Mothers Email ${MothersEmail}

Mothers first name ${Motherfirstname}

Mothers Mobile number ${MothersMobile}

Mothers Occupation ${MothersOccupation}

Mothers Surname ${MotherSurname}

Mothers Username ${MothersUsername}


Father’s full name ${Father} or ${FathersName}

Father mobile ${FathersMobile}

Fathers email ${FathersEmail}

Fathers First Name ${Fatherfirstname}

Fathers Mobile ${FathersMobile}

Fathers Occupation ${FathersOccupation}

Fathers Surname ${FatherSurname}

Fathers Username ${FathersUsername}




Age of student ${Age}

Boarder indictor ${Boarder}

Class average exam results ${Result.ClassAverage}

County Id ${CountyId}

Course ID ${Result.CourseId}


Date of entry of student to school ${DateofEntry}

Date of Leaving ${ExitDate}

Detentions ${Detentions}

Exam Number of student ${ExamNumber}

Feeder School address ${FeederSchoolAddress}

Feeder School Email ${FeederSchoolEmail}

Feeder School Phone Number ${FeederSchoolPhoneNumber}

Feeder School Roll Number ${FeederSchoolRollNumber}


For stating his/her depending on gender ${HisHer}

Home Phone number ${HomePhone}

Housemaster comment ${Exam.HousemasterComment}

Housemaster Name ${Housemaster}

ID of student ${Id}


If the student has left school or not ${LeftSchool}

If the student is a he/she ${HeShe} or ${HeSheUpper} for upper case.

If the student is a him/her ${HimHer}

Learner personal ID of student ${LearnerPersonalId}

Locker Number of student ${LockerNumber}


Medical Card of Student ${MedicalCard}

Mobile Phone ${MobilePhone}

Number of people listed in Household ${HouseholdCount}

Number of Suspensions ${Suspensions}

Other Phone ${OtherPhone}

Profile Photo of student ${ProfilePhoto}  

Student’s family name ${FamilyName}

Student’s first name ${GivenName}


Teacher display code ${Result.TeacherDisplayCode}

Teaching Group ID ${Result.TeachingGroupId}

Teaching Group Name ${Result.TeachingGroupName}

User Info ID ${UserInfoId}