Setting up parent accounts

Precursory housekeeping before granting parental access. (read time 1 minute)

Before you hit the generate button to create VS Ware accounts for parents, there are some essential steps that need to be taken for the generation to be completed successfully.

All of these checks are made on the parental contact edit page as pictured below. This can be found via the student's Household tab.

Once on the Parental contact screen, the three checks that need to be made are as follows:

  1. The Parent-Student "Relationship" must be established (Mother/Father).
  2. The mobile number must be entered (otherwise the user will not be able to receive security codes when creating or resetting their own password).
  3. The "Include Mobile Phone in SMS messages" box must be ticked.

Once these steps have been covered for every parent, the accounts will then be generated successfully in all cases.

Click here for steps on how to generate parental accounts.