Rooming and Room Pools

Preferred & Specialist Rooms (read time 1 minute)

In VSware, a 'Preferred Room' or 'Home Room' is a room where a teacher would prefer to teach their classes unless they require a Specialist Room for a class or certain lessons of that class.

A Specialist Room is a room purposefully built or designed for a particular subject or subject department. e.g. Science Laboratories, Woodwork Rooms, Home Economics Rooms etc.

For example, the preferred room of a mathematics teacher might be a general classroom but they would require a Computer Room for their Computer lessons.

A Science teacher's preferred room might be a Science laboratory (specialist room) but if they have a CSPE class, it might be better that this class would be taught in a general classroom.

Preferred Rooms are specified in the Teacher Data Screen (step 3) in Timetable Construction. A list of all rooms in VSware will appear in the dropdown list box in the Preferred Rooms column on the right hand side.

For detailed information on how to specify that a room (specialist or general) is Compulsory for some or all lessons of a class, please visit the Rooming a Timetable article