Publishing the Timetable

Publish Timetable (read time 3 minutes)

When your timetable is completed and you have made any minor & final adjustments to it using the View Screen, you are then ready to publish it. Please not that you will easily be able to make changes to the published timetable following publication using Make Editable. 

Articles in relation to the live editing of any teacher's timetable are found at the end of this article.

This means that you are opening the timetable file that you created in Timetable Construction and publishing it into VSware as next year's timetable.

At first we do this in a way so that it can only be viewed by those logged on in the role of principal or secretary. When you are satisfied that the timetable has published correctly, you can carry out an action which will allow all teachers who log in to see their new timetables.

We begin in the View Screen of whichever timetable file we wish to publish. Under the Action Button you will see Publish Timetable.

Please note that we are still in the current (2016-17) Calendar Year

When you click Publish Timetable, you will see a dialog box appear asking you about the publish that you are about to proceed with and warning you that this will overwrite any previous data for the year that you are publishing into. On your first publish, this should not be of any great concern but if there were to be any subsequent publish of a timetable, this warning should be respected.

Complete the fields.  These entries should match your Calendar > Academic Years names.

Your Academic Years will be created automatically when a PPOD Progression is carried out by the Administration Staff. (Please read our article PPOD Sync/PPOD Rollover to learn more on this) 

Click on Publish from the dialog box.

You will get a message telling you that a comparison between the content your Timetable File and the content already published in the next academic year is being carried out. During the first publication, there is nothing to compare.  In any subsequent publishing, if there is any difference between the teaching groups already published when compared with the teaching groups in the timetable file, you will be asked if you wish to match them or deactivate them. You might chose 'Match' if you had for example changed a teaching group in any way (core to block or a change of code) and you might choose 'Deactivate' if you no longer need the teaching group in the next year academic year. This above will be irrelevant to to most users and most schools will only publish once.

When your publish has been successful, you will see the success message as in the screenshot below.

Please note that even after publication, you are still in the current academic year.  In order to view the published timetable in VSware, we will need to switch to the next academic year (2017-18 in this case).  To do this we move to the Setting > Timings > Academic Year screen and then click on the Gear Icon and in the screenshot below.

This will display a dialog box which allow you to move to the different academic year as 'All Users' or Just Me'

As the names suggest, clicking on 'Just Me' will allow only you to move to the 2017-18 year and this will be just for this session. If you log out and then back in again you will be moved back to 2016-17 academic year.  This will allow you to examine the published timetable.

Clicking 'All Users' will move any subsequent login from any user to the 2017-18 academic year.  This would allow all users to view their new timetable.  You only change the academic year using 'All Users' when you are confident that your timetable is finalised.

Please Note: When you move to the next academic year either as 'Just Me' or as 'All Users', you will need to go to the Setting > Timings > Calendar in order to set up the school year. Please read our articles Add Day Type and Assign Day Type to Calendar to learn more about these.  Until this is complete, the timetables can not be viewed as they are calendar based.

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