What does each permission mean? (read time 2 minutes)

Grant access to - This is the most basic access that can be granted to teachers. With this permission, they can login into to VSware, and use the system for the classes they are timetabled for.

Grant access to ALL Student Profiles - This will allow users to search for and access ALL students profiles. By default they can only access the students Attendance, Timetable, Behaviour, Discipline, Docs and Classes & Groups tab. 

Allow access to the Attendance tab - This would give a teacher access to the attendance reporting tab.

Enable Attendance Editing - This allows a teacher to edit the attendance of the attendance tab within a student's profile. They can therefore amend attendance marks on a given date or lesson for that student. 

Enable Calendar Editing - This gives access to the calendar (3 lines>calendar), which can be used to record upcoming events for the school.

Allow access to Print Student Data - This permission would give a teacher access to print student data. This function allows the printing of data fields such as e.g. full name, address lines, previous school, student email etc. This is available through the actions button on a student's profile, class or group.

Allow access to the Behaviour tab - Not to be confused with assigning regular behaviours on a student's profile, the behaviour tab is a reporting tool on all behaviours among all students within a school. Similarly to attendance, only the students whom the Teacher teaches will appear in the reports. 

Enable access to Student Options - This permission allows a non principal user use the Options tool. See this guide for more info:

Edit Freeform Group - This would allow teacher's to edit any existing freeform group in the Groups tab. It does not mean a teacher can create or delete a freeform group.

Allow access to Medical tab - This gives a teacher access to the medical tab of any student they already have existing access to.

Access to Term Assessment Reports - This permission allows a teacher access to the Assessments reporting tab.

Allow access to student's Household tab - This would give a user access to the Household tab which is located on each student's profile. It has details such as the student's home address, and parent contact details. 

Allow access to student's Personal tab - This permission allows a teacher access to a personal tab on the profile of students.

Allow access to behaviour escalations - This permission would allow a teacher to escalate a behaviour to users with the relevant permissions.

Can Close Behaviour Events - Users with this permission can have behaviour incidents escalated to them.

Can Edit Notifications - This would give any teacher the access to create and edit notification alerts, which would then appear on the dashboard of all staff members.

Allow access to SEN data - This would give a teacher access to Sen Data tab on any student profile they have access to. It means they can view the SEN details but not edit them.

Allow editing of SEN data - Directly related to the above, this therefore allows a teacher the access to edit SEN data within the SEN tab of a student they have access to.

Enable Access to Timetable Construction - This is most suitable to any staff member who works on Timetable files or ideal for someone who has sole responsibility for the school's timetable.

Allow access to the Note tab - This gives a teacher access to the Note tab which is located under a student's profile, much like the Sen Data tab.

Create Dynamic Group/Save Search - This would allow a teacher access to create a dynamic group through 'advanced search'. Here is a guide explaining how to do this:

Can Send SMS - This allows a teacher to send SMS messages through VSware, this can be done through the group, class, or notifications tab etc.

Enable Intercom - This enables the messaging service to the VSware support team.