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Q: Exam print template is not working (less than 2 minutes)

Firstly; Make sure the name of the template and/or the name of the exam does not have any symbols in it, such as @/%/&

It is vitally important that an exam template is only edited using Microsoft Word, other editors such as OpenOffice will throw it off.

As well as this, if you wish to use a new template format you must edit an already existing, working template, you cannot create one from scratch.

Sometimes when printing off an exam print template you may find that all of the pages are coming up blank when printing for a class or year group. This happens because one or more of the students have had an illegal character (such as an emoji!) entered in the comments section of their result.

On other occasions the page will not be blank but the information you require will not be pulled in, it will instead only show a variable such as Result.Grade.

  • To fix this the first thing to do is to go back to your template and delete the variables completely before re-typing and saving
  • You then need to re-upload your template and try again
  • Do not try to copy and past tables across 2 separate Word documents. This can cause your data to not come down properly as copy and paste slightly alters the formatting of a table.